Thursday, February 13, 2014

Questions to Ask Students for Interviews

·       Think about classrooms you like to be in—
o    Why do you like to be there?
o    What are the characteristics of that classroom?
o    What makes that room different from other classes?
·       Think about classrooms you don’t like to be in-
o    Why don’t you like to be there?
o    What are the qualities that are not so great?
o    What would make the class better?
·       Names
o    Are names and knowing people’s names important to you? Why or why not?
o    How fast do you think teachers should learn their students’ names?
o    How does it make you feel when people do know your name?
§  Follow up: How does it feel when they don't?
·       Outside interests and conversations--- Getting personal----rapport
o    What makes your feel connected to students/teachers in a classroom?      
o    What makes you feel comfortable sharing things with a teacher? What would   you share or not share?
o    What do like to learn about your teacher?
·       Creating a Safe space (use of language)
o    What does safe classroom feel like? Look like?
o    Do you feel safe in class? Emotionally? Physically?
o    Are there any classes that you feel comfortable taking risks?
o    How do teachers make you feel safe and comfortable?
·       Outside resources--- parents, teachers, students---- creating community outside the classroom
o    How can your class connect to the outside world?
o    When do you feel involved in your class?
o    How do you feel when your parents are involved with your school?

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