Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pit Crew To Do's

Next Advisory- Thursday, February 20th:
Give your students the Mindset Survey during advisory. 
Return the surveys to Katie Fitch. (A303 or her mailbox.)

Before Next Pit Crew- April 10th:
Interview at least 2 students using some of the questions posted on the blog. 

Elicit more student responses about some of the questions by allowing students to write about the some of the questions. 
Having students write before they are interviewed might allow for a more successful interview.

Bring videos and and student writing to the next pit crew.

Questions to Ask Students for Interviews

·       Think about classrooms you like to be in—
o    Why do you like to be there?
o    What are the characteristics of that classroom?
o    What makes that room different from other classes?
·       Think about classrooms you don’t like to be in-
o    Why don’t you like to be there?
o    What are the qualities that are not so great?
o    What would make the class better?
·       Names
o    Are names and knowing people’s names important to you? Why or why not?
o    How fast do you think teachers should learn their students’ names?
o    How does it make you feel when people do know your name?
§  Follow up: How does it feel when they don't?
·       Outside interests and conversations--- Getting personal----rapport
o    What makes your feel connected to students/teachers in a classroom?      
o    What makes you feel comfortable sharing things with a teacher? What would   you share or not share?
o    What do like to learn about your teacher?
·       Creating a Safe space (use of language)
o    What does safe classroom feel like? Look like?
o    Do you feel safe in class? Emotionally? Physically?
o    Are there any classes that you feel comfortable taking risks?
o    How do teachers make you feel safe and comfortable?
·       Outside resources--- parents, teachers, students---- creating community outside the classroom
o    How can your class connect to the outside world?
o    When do you feel involved in your class?
o    How do you feel when your parents are involved with your school?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Podcast stuff

Here is the podcast I built with Emily Newton. It's about how she uses Twitter in the classroom. This particular podcast was modeled after 99% Invisible (which has an emphasis on design).

Here is a great episode about money design.

For all the pop-culture and comic fans, I give you Superman.

And this is a student favorite about a broken window.

Another big podcast that I go to on a consistent basis is Radiolab. This podcast tends to delve into science topics more so than 99%.

Here is one about Beethoven. It's an inquiry about the tempo markings in his music. How fast did he really intend for the pieces to be played?

Here is another one from Radiolab about Noel Blanc. He's the voice for Bugs Bunny, Pork Pig, and Tweety.

Podcast Episodes

1) Names---- "Say My Name, Say My Name"
2) Outside interests and conversations--- Getting personal----rapport
3) Creating a Safe space (use of language)
4) Mindset--- Effort based praise
5) Outside resources--- parents, teachers, students---- creating community outside the classroom

Drop Resources Here: J:\NHS\Fitch_Katherine\Drop

Early Release Brainstorming

To go with the visual that was provided below of the last time we met, here is the list we came up with:

Teachers Should
  • Learn each student’s name
  • Have a personal conversation with each student every six weeks
  • Learn at least one outside interest of each student
  • Tell other teachers about students’ success
  • Create a safe space
  • Avoid derogatory language
  • Give students specific praise about effort
  • Make positive phone calls home
  • Share their own interests/learning styles

Students should
  • Call each other by their given name
  • Call the teacher by their name
  • Feel comfortable asking questions
  • Honor the safe space
  • Avoid derogatory language
  • Not be afraid of wrong answers

**For our next early release meeting, we will be evaluating the items we brainstormed above for importance in the classroom as well as decide on a final product we will create. See you soon!**