Thursday, October 31, 2013

Productive Meeting

I know we typed it up, but I thought everyone would want to remember the work we did on the white board.

I realize that creating a infographic might in the end be too difficult, but if you were still at least interested in what an infographic is, check out my Pinterest board of infographics.


After reading the book "Mindset" by Carol Dweck, I have been continuing my search on ideas that get people and students in a growth mindset. Growth mindset being the idea that through effort and hardwork we can continue to grow out intelligence and ability.

One of the reserachers I have found doing this work is Angela Duckworkth. Here is a link to her TED talk on grit.Angela Duckworth: Grit

I pose these questions to our group:
How can we be grittier in our work?
How can we set up a classroom culture where grit is part of the culture?
How can we help our students to become grittier?

Here also is a picture of the conversation I had about grit with my AP Chem students: